Military Drums

Marine Band Drum


The Cooperman tradition of providing the finest military rope drums available lives on with Loyal Drums, the gold standard of Military Rope Drums.

Our Military Model Snare Drum is based on the needs of the modern military musician. This lightweight, 16x16” solid ash shell sets the standards in flexibility, usability and sound quality, and realizes the highest performance expectations of the military percussionist.

The Military Model Snare Drums are built to order, and are therefore highly customizable. Our skilled artists will collaborate with your unit, as well as the Institute of Military Heraldry, in order to best design and adapt unit artwork to the traditional look of the rope-tensioned drum.

Field Band Drum

Features included in the Military Model Snare Drum

  • 3 “feet” on bottom hoop. Feet are handmade from solid bronze, and help protect the wood and rope from damage due to grounding the drums on concrete, asphalt or gravel.
Drum Foot
  • 2 Rim-guards. Rim-guards are made from solid bronze, and are bolted through the hoop for durability. They protect the wood hoop from the occasional ding, while also creating a surface for rim-shots.
Rim Guards


  • 16x16” ash shell
  • Solid bronze Liberty Strainer
  • 3 feet bottom hoop
  • Rim guards
  • Military carry
  • Remo Kevlar batter, and EMP Snare

Please contact us to tailor a quote to your unit’s needs.


Marine Band Sousa