The Eviction Pad

$129.00 USD

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Loyal Drums is pleased to announce our new Loyal Drums Eviction Pad (patent pending).

This newly designed drum pad is perfect for the rudimental, modern, and concert  drummer from novice to expert. The unique design most closely resembles the sound and feel of an actual drum. The Loyal Drums Eviction Model Drum Pad is built with tension control so you can practice a wide range of styles. The Drum Pad’s modular design provides adaptability to any mounting solution with 1/4-20 thread pitch. 

Evict your pad hands with the Loyal Drums Eviction Pad 

Key features include:
⁃ Superior sound quality, every stroke and every note
⁃ Durability, American craftsmanship at its finest
⁃ Plays like a drum, feels like a drum, sounds like a drum (just quieter and portable)
⁃ Use of newly designed Loyal Drums Quantum Drum Head (patent pending)
⁃ Ability to attach to 1/4-20 tripods, clamps etc
⁃ Perfect for all skill levels