Independence Model Drum

The independence Model Snare Drum is the modern evolution of the rudimental rope tensioned snare drum

Built for the modern rudimental drummer, by rudimental drummers. All of the features that make our custom drums’ sound, with a refined manufacturing approach that brings a very high quality lifetime instrument to players at an affordable price.



Nordic 6 ply Ash “True Series” 16x16” the best ply shells, providing a strong foundation for your sound.

Kevlar core rope

Very low stretch means tighter drums, easier tuning, and less maintenance

Conversion Varnish finish

These custom finishes will out perform lacquer in every category.

Custom crimp-locked drumheads

the Quantum Batter Head (Patent Pending) is made in our shop from some of the most cutting edge materials. Replacing Kevlar, The fibers embedded in the composite allow for a fairly thin head, that performs with greater sensitivity, incredible bounce, and good longevity. Melinex 4mil resonant head is also crimp locked for durability, and provides a great snare response at tensions low and high.


Reenforced Zytel ST “Super-Tough” polymer hoops that can’t be dented with a drumstick. No rim guards needed, no paint to scratch! Patent Pending. 304 Stainless Steel carry plate for use with a sling.

Loyal Liberty Strainer

Solid Bronze Thumb screw macro adjustment, with individually adjustable Loyal Anchor (Patent Pending). Custom gut/cable combo with top of the line natural gut.


Glass reenforced polymer “ear” tensioners. Zero maintenance, thin profile won’t scrape against the shell, will last forever. Patent Pending

"I have been playing on rope-tension drums since I was 6 years old. I own many and, I'll admit, I'm always looking for more. When Dave told me they were looking to create a drum that was durable, lightweight, and affordable I was excited for the idea but I had no real use for an "off the shelf" drum. Then I played one. Man...I was blown away. The power...the range of touch. Crispy snare sound at all levels...and the craftsmanship? All of that and you can't beat the price! It's a drum made for every drummer."

Brendan mason

"The Independence Model drum is an absolute blast to play on and listen to. It’s not often that you get a well - balanced drum that both projects extremely well to the audience but also feels and sounds incredible from the player perspective. The nuance that was put into the creation of this drum has really covered every base that a drummer could ask for. From the non-denting, durable rims, to the beautiful finish of the wood, to the singing and lively top and bottom heads, to the intelligent dual design of the snare guts that expands every dynamic level. This drum is perfection from head to toe!"

Patrick McHale

built and ready for immediate shipment


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