American Revolution

A standard guideline for a traditional American Revolution drum is that the shell should be equal dimensions- height by width. 16”x16” is by far our most popular for this style, but many sizes can be made. Although some 18th century snare drums didn’t have strainers at all, for today’s drummer we recommend our J hook style.

Loyal Drums works closely with a local blacksmith to create the hooks used in our J hook strainers, which are adjusted by an iron wingnut. Calfskin heads and hemp rope are suggested for accuracy, but since we are a custom shop, we can adapt the drum to fit your needs.

Civil War

The most commonly recognized snare shell size is that of the “contract drum”, 16” dia. x 12”. There was, however, an extensive range of sizes made during this period. Four doubled strands of gut come standard on this model as well as classic heart-shaped, or “Eli Brown” style ears in natural leather.

The carry mechanism is a bronze ring attached to the ropes. The drum comes standard without art, while a hand painted copy of a “Contract Eagle” can be added for $475.

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